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12 Febrero 2017


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New release by Sunnyside Records. Jazz music is very much a living art. The music’s best practitioners are elite heard in live performance. The energy of an audience brings something special to a performer, especially in a solo setting. Spanish pianist Chano Dominguez proves this on his extraordinary new live recording Over The Rainbow, a wonderfully nuanced and diverse collection of music spanning many of Dominguez’s own musical interests, including flamenco music, Latin American folk music and the classic jazz composition.

The solo concert is the most exposed place for a musician to bare his or her musical soul. Chano Dominguez puts his fabulous technique and artistry on full display on his new recording Over The Rainbow.



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Mantrería // Chano Dominguez - Over the Rainbow
  1. Mantrería // Chano Dominguez - Over the Rainbow